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【18.08.19】Industrial Material Museum

Metal processing is one of the main industires in Tsubame City. Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum is a museum that you can enjoy just looking at the exhibits

【14.08.19】Y & Y Garden

Yasuda-Yogurt Ltd. is a famous and popular company of Niigata which produces and sells dairy products. Y & Y Garden is a shop where you can enjoy icecream and


Snow Peak is an outdoor brand established in Sanjo City in 1958. The campfield is located just next to the company's office.

【22.06.19】Gobouichi in Sanjo City

It's a market held at temple in Sanjo City once a year. Around 70 shops participated this year. Food, Sweets, Coffee, Bread, Hand-made craft and other lots

【04.05.19】Kawara Terrace in Agano City

"Kawara" means roof tile in Japanese as you could probably guess from the pictures. Making roof tile is traditional industory of Agano City. "Yasuda-Kawara"

【18.05.19】Little waterfall in Agano City

Little waterfall in a cozy mountain lagoon. If I found a place like this and I was the first one to find it I wouldn't tell anyone about where it is. This

【28.04.19】Sunset at MAZE

A beautiful sunset is definately one of Niigata's appeal points. The picture is a place called MAZE. It's about an hour drive from Niigata Station.


Satoyama-Jujo is a Japanese style hotel which Japanese tradition and modern style are beautifully mixed. The picture above is rice cooked in a clay pot.